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Welcome to Using (collectively "soccerfame","we", "us", "our") you agree to comply with and be bound by the terms of use, set below.

All the services in Soccerfame are absolutely free and will be absolutely free forever.

1. For the users of

User of the site is an individual, who has filled in the registration form.

1.1 Every individual could make only one registration.

1.2 User access can be limited or terminated, if the user has entered incorrect data or at our discretion, without prior notification to the user.

1.3 If the user is not registered, the user will be considered guest and will not have a full access to all website features. The required personal information will be used only by and will not be provided to third parties without knowledge of the user.

1.4 The user is obliged not to carry out activities that undermine the authority of soccerfame, related to publishing some information to third parties no matter they are true or not.

1.5 The user is obliged not to carry out any illegal actions against the website, that threaten website's main purpose and security.

1.6 You are obliged not to use any abusive, obscene, vulgar, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other undermining language that is in contrary to the applicable laws. Otherwise team reserves the right to restrict or delete users.

2. Privacy Policy

Soccerfame respects the protection right of the personal information of its members.

2.1 In case of registration in soccerfame, you are asked for a personal information that will later be used only by soccerfame and will not be delivered to third persons without Member's knowing.

2.2 Personal information will be used only by us with general purpose improving the work, guiding and development of the website, as well as for marketing, advertising and promotional goals. In case of disagreement, the Member is obliged to inform the administrator in written form, at some of the mentioned e-mails.

2.3 Soccerfame's team does not have any responsibility for hackers attack that could reveal your information.

2.4 Once you are registered as a member of the site, you agree to receive an e-mail (several per month) by which we aim to give you an information about important events in soccerfame. If you do not want to receive e-mail messages from us, you can change that from your settings.

2.5 We have created this website for users of all ages. However, part of the contents of the product may be unsuitable for persons under 18 years of age, and the responsibility for such users goes to the parent or guardian of the person.

3. About

3.1 is a website offering an access to a game for football predictions. The very game is made for fun and has an educational purpose. Every member makes a registration which is completely free and can predict football matches that are to be played, on whose base they collect virtual points.

3.2 The website is offered to its users" in the way it is" and is not responsible for the reliability of its way of work, terms of access to the website, providing assistance, instructions and other parameters.

3.3 By providing this service, does not intend to incite users to bet or do other gambling activities. We are not responsible for material or any other kind of loss due to the usage of the website.

3.4 is not responsible and does not pay any compensation if the user name and password have been illegally used by another person.

3.5 Soccerfame has the right to show, send, load, perform, display, etc. all kinds of
advertising materials to its members. The advertisers are the only responsible for the content of all ads and the trademarks that have been used.

3.6 reserves the right at its own discretion to freeze or delete accounts of the members who participate in The free betting competition.

3.7 Videos that are used in soccerfame are provided by different deliverers and are not property of Soccerfame Ltd. Soccerfame is not responsible for their deliverance.

3.8 Every team's logo that is used in Soccerfame is not an ownership of the site, but of the team itself. Their use is for better and prestigious presentation of the teams on the international scene in front of all their fans. If there is some disagreement, please inform us in written form at some of our e-mail addresses.

3.9 All texts and technologies on the site are property of Soccerfame Ltd. and their copying is highly prohibited.